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I thought it might be fun to offer a section of my website to lend a few of my personal impressions that I have jotted down now and then as a means of self help, as well as,
to share a few of my favorite quotes.

I hope you enjoy them.

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!
Oh, the Places you'll go.
                                      -- Dr. Suess


"Be the change you are trying to create."
-- Mahatma Ghandi

"Don't search for the Truth,
just discard your opinions."

                                                                 -- The Buddha


We seem to wait for Time to introduce us
as we learn to appreciate the walks of our individual paths.

As the desire to serve arrives in life,
we are greeted with the unforgettable rhythm
of an unspoken consciousness
as an open heart is becoming.
Light & Love sometimes enters seemingly curious.
But there is no mystery.
For love, service, and discipline
attract their own to one's doorway.
The rest
is in the becoming.

It is in the Music of our hearts and spirits
that we celebrate the true elegance and beauty
of our ever awakening Oneness
within the Jazz of each unfolding moment.

Our shining, smiling faces are better
for having witnessed such Love & Light
and to have heard the Music
on another Day of Beginnings.

Comes the downbeat.
Allow your heart to hear.
You have always known ... it's your Spirit ... of course you know.


The Gift of Family
lauches our earthly journey.

It initiates and engages our life's opportunity of passage
from fear to love.

Family, at its best, opens us to all that is and can be.
But even in its fragility it wants us to know its affection.

Family defines itself by showing us how to advance
its original endowment
into "extended families"
and then finally completes itself within each marriage it cultivates
as it broadens the Great Tree of Life.

    The Blessing of Friends
hopefully occupies a large part of our adventure.

While we are ALL continually connected by Love & Light,
we choose and are chosen as companions
within the Wheel of Living.

like the stars guides us.
It loves and heals us.
If we look closely enough, we can always find the strands of gold
within its delicate heart.

There is no greater compliment rendered than,
"You pick good people."


The Seeker

Enters laughing.

Attends to the sun-kissed teardrops
with his steadfast smile that embraces the rainy day.
Unaffected by its happiness or sadness,
as he knows them both as one.

A soldier unaffected by conflict or crusade.

He breathes the "words unspoken."

in his human-ness.
He moves in Stillness
hearing the voice of Silence.

His great Hope
seeks a treasure chest of Love,
which like his bottomless pockets are lined in Light,
the money of his heart
which he spends freely to create an even greater wealth.

Welcome the Seeker.
Whose one wish
to find a way to bless
and its great gift of living.




Thoughts on my adventure toward "Positivity" 

Working hard is a good thing.
However, within the labors of a positive life style
it came to me that it might be best
to take care in defining vulnerable language impressions
that might seek to pursue non-enlightened choices.
I think of these as my "un-apparent/apparent re-definitions"
in the struggle for "Positivity."
Or better yet, a purging to liberate one's open heart energy.

My new dictionary begins thus:

a setback:  the gift of opportunity to understand something better

challenge"oh boy, a new project", or better yet, "somethin' to do"

hatred:  a longing for

a problem:  "a gift from God" .... "manna from heaven" 

unhappy:  a waste of happy

stealing:  time lost to the way of creativity

envy:  a choice made to hold oneself back

ugly:  the unseen beauty by a beholder

a curse:  non-existent ....... there is only

darkness:  think it thru ....... the light becomes apparent

frustration:  a need for self-authorized drama

failure:  impossible within the context of an honest effort

dis-satisfaction:  plagiarized capacity

stupid:  a lack of

Note to self:  I am choosing to discard these words, but explore the adventure within the definitions.






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