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Hello Most Beautiful People:

Covid  related challenges for live music in 2020
Thank you to the wonderful Venues that were still honor myself or the groups with artistic opportunity.

Happy 2021 !
I hope this is the absolute BEST year of your most wonderful life!

The JT3 jazz trio with Bill Nichols (bass) and Tom Konopka
(percussions/drums) will be playing Saturdays this summer again at the wonderful Courtyard Cafe in Brecksville. 
These wil be Solo, Duo (JT2), and Trio (JT3) this year.
One of the best patios in town with great food, great people, and live music. Wow!

I am also doing some Solo Jazz/Rock/Pop Guitar performances at the Fabulous Sharon James Cellars in Newbury.  It is really an excellent venue to check out. Great Food and very interesting wines.

I am working on some other opportunities and will continue to update the website as events come in.

Have the BEST day of your life! 

Please see the links on the "Thank You" page for directions to and information about these tremendous venues.

I'd love to see you.

12-6    Thu   Gallery  -  Private          Cleveland   JT2               6-9PM
12-10  Mon   Private                         RockyRiver Solo              Noon-1PM
12-14  Fri     Private                         N Olmsted  T Jares Duo    7-10PM
12-17  Mon   Private  -  Ritz              Cleveland   Solo              2-4PM
12-18  Tue    Private  -  Ritz              Cleveland   Solo              2-4PM
12-19  Wed   Private                         Indpdence JT2                11:30-1PM
12-19  Wed   Private  -  Ritz              Cleveland   Solo              2-4PM
12-20  Thu    Private  -  Ritz              Cleveland   Solo              2-4PM
12-21  Fri      Private  -  Ritz              Cleveland   Solo              2-4 PM
12-21  Fri     Sharon James Winery    Newbury    Solo               6-9PM
12-31  Mon   The Jac Casino              Cleveland   JT2                6-10PM


1-11   Fri       Jennings                     Brecksville   Solo                4-5PM

2-14   Thu     Marions@Holiday Inn    Mentor        Solo                6-9PM
2-23   Sat      Private                                          T Jares Duo     5-8PM

3-15   Fri       Sharon James Winery   Newbury     Solo                6-9PM
3-29   Fri       Jennings of Brecksville  Brecksville   Solo                4-5PM

4-21  Sun     CrownPlazaEasterMeal  Middleburg   Solo                11-4PM
4-24  Thu     Marions@Holiday Inn    Mentor        Solo                 6-9PM
4-28  Sun     leveland Foodbank       Cleveland    Steve Niple       5:30-9PM

5-2     Thu     Private                       Clevleand     Solo                7-10PM
5-10   Fri       Private Fundaiser        Tremont       JT3                 6-10PM
5-12   Sun     CrownPlazaMotherDay Middleburg   Solo                11-4PM
5-17   Fri       Private @ Hilton          Cleveland     JT3                  6-9PM
5-24   Fri       Jennings of Brecksville Brecksville    Solo                4-5PM   
5-30   Thu     Marions@Holiday Inn   Mentor          Solo                6-9PM             

6-1     Sat      The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   Solo                6-9PM
6-8     Sat      The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   JT3                 6-9PM
6-12   Wed     Private/Hunt Club         Gates Mills  Solo                5:30-8:30PM
6-14   Fri       Sharon James Winery   Newbury      Solo                6-9PM
6-15   Sat      The Courtyard Cafe      Brecksville    Solo                6-9PM
6-21   Fri       The Courtyard Cafe      Brecksville    JT2                  6-9PM
6-22   Sat      Private.Severance        Cleveland     JT3                   TBD

7-4    Thu       Private                        Shaker Hts   Solo                4-8PM
7-5    Fri        The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   Solo                6-9PM
7-12  Fri        Jennings                       Brecksville   Solo                4-5PM
7-13  Sat       The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   JT3                 6-9PM
7-20  Sat       Judson Manor               Cleveland     Solo               4-5PM
7-20  Sat       The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   Solo                6-9PM
7-26  Fri        The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   JT2                  6-9PM
7-29  Mon      Private                         N Olmsted   T Jares             6:30-8:30PM

8-1    Thu      Marion's@Holiday Inn    Mentor        Solo                7-10PM
8-2    Fri        Sharon James Winery    Newbury     Solo                6-9PM
8-7    Wed     Spennatos                    Northfield    Solo               6-9PM
8-10  Sat       The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   Solo                6-9PM
8-17  Sat       Private                         Cleveland    Solo                2:30-4PM
8-17  Sat       The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   JT2                 6-9PM
8-23  Fri        The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   JT2                 6-9PM
8-30  Fri        Sharon James Winery    Newbury     Solo                6-9PM
8-31  Sat       The Courtyard Cafe       Brecksville   JT2                 6-9PM

9-6     Fri       Old Brooklyn Winery     Cleveland     Solo               7-10PM
9-7     Sat      Fieldstone Unbridled     HuntingVal   JT3                 6-10PM
9-9     Mon     Taste of Browns           Cleveland     S. Niple          5:30-8:30PM
9-14   Sat      Old Brooklyn Winery     Cleveland     Solo               7-10PM
9-21   Sat      Private                        Mayfield       S.Niple            TBA  
9-25   Wed     Private                        Cleveland     JT3                 5:30-7:30PM

10-12 Sat       Private                        Barrington    Solo               4:30-5:30PM
10-17 Thu      Marion's@Holiday Inn   Mentor         Solo                7-10PM

11-16  Sat      Jennings of Brecksville Brecksville    Solo                12:30-1:30PM
11-16  Sat      Private                        Cleveland     JT3                 7-8PM

12-26  Thu     Marion's@Holiday Inn   Mentor         Solo                7-10PM
12-28  Fri       Sharon James Winery   Newbury      Solo                6-9PM
12-31  Tue      Michaud's                    Strongsville JT4                  9PM-1AM

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