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Northfield, OH  44067

CELL --  216.317.0795


We Thank You with Love and Gratitude for being a part of this special day
(Dad's 70th birthday).
Di and John Popovich

Dear John:
On behalf of the Brecksville United Church of Christ congregation, I have been asked to thank you for your very generous contribution to our Bicentennial banquet.
Your willingness to join us was almost as great a gift as your unique and special talent.
We received many compliments on the music, and thank you for letting our "traveling minstrel", Steve, join you for a bit.
We are truly grateful.
Thank you!
Betsey Wilson

Thank you John!  You guys made a nice event for the Church even more special.
Joe Wilson │ Administrator

Thank you for the wonderful music.
We were so happy to have you play on our special day.
Lindsay and Adam Herr

Hi John:
Thanks for being part of our Octoberfest celebration, especially considering the weather!

Everyone loved the music. I heard glowing comments throughout the event.

Take care!

Barbara Tschantz

Manager of Client Services and Development

DayKetter Modern Law

Thanks for the work of your JT3 trio.
The marketing people from the hospital loved you guys.
Thank you for the great work and we look forward to using you in the future.
Bob Durante
Zapp Entertainment

Thank you so much for making our day so special and personal.
It made the ceremony absolutely beautiful, as well as, the cocktail hour.
Everyone was talking about how beautifully you played.
Chrissy and Ryan Brees

Thank you so much.
You provided such a lovely ambiance and atmosphere that made our party lively and fun!  

Thank you for coming downtown to perform for our group.  I know logistically it was hard to get there with the RNC and we really appreciate all that you did for us.

Great to meet you guys!  Thanks for a lovely evening!


Ashley B. Henry
Recruiting Assistant

JONES DAY® - One Firm Worldwide

JT, you make my Day. 
We love working with a true pro like your self.
 Keep on rockin’.
Scott E. Jones
Cleveland Music Group

Good morning, JT!
You are loved! 
Thank you for sharing with us such talent
and bringing the most incredible smile and sweet spirit. 
You bring us joy!!!!
We will see you again on August 2.
Wishing you a day filled with joy!

Mary Ann White
for the Haslam Family

Hi John, Again, thank you for the wonderful performance at our open house.
We received so many warm compliments regarding your performance!
Lisa Fluhart
ManorCare - Administrator

Hi John,
We were thrilled to find out you were available for New Years Eve! 
Thank you so much for being a part of it!
Ashley Moehring
Horseshoe Casino

Thank you John, we just love having you and the JT3 as part of our party.
You have a great holiday!
Debbie & Bruce

Thank you.  Your playing and music was just perfect!

Sara White
TSS Support (Offices) - Cleveland/Firm Administrative Support Manager
JONES DAY® - One Firm WorldwideSM

We had rave reviews of the music. 
Glad to have you with us this year. 
Thank you!
Maureen Foster Chief Development Officer Fieldstone Farm

Thank you for helping to make our wedding yesterday the best day of our lives!
God bless,

Thank you so much for the outstanding performance Friday night.
We love you being in the Haslam home!
I wish you a season of happy and joyous celebrations.
You truly are a gift! 
Merry Christmas!
Mary Ann White
Executive assistant for the Haslam Family (Cleveland Browns)

Super cool, JT.
Thanks for doing another Great job for us.
You the man!
Scott Jones
Owner of The Cleveland Music Group

Mr.  Toula,

I'm glad you were available and had as much fun as you did.  I'll be sure to keep you in mind for any upcoming events, I can assure you that you were far from a small part on Sunday - you were able to single handedly add that extra "wow" factor we all strive for. 
Until next time,
Brett Haduch
Events Coordinator for the Ritz Carlton Cleveland

Hi John,,
Thank you for such a beautiful performance. 
You helped make it the most magical atmosphere. 
I couldn't imagine the evening without you.

You are the kindest!! 
I heard you all were spectacular!!!! 
Thank you for making a great night happen.
Mary Ann
Executive Assistant for Jimmie Haslam of the Cleveland Browns

Thank you so very much!
Even the hotel staff said you sounded great and wish you were there all the time!
Take care,
Debbie K

Hi John, 
Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding.
It wouldn't have been the same without you, Bill and Tom.
We look forward to seeing (and hearing) you very soon! 
Thanks again. You guys (The JT3) are amazing! 
Thank you,
William (Bill) D. Kobie, Jr.

So many people had such positive compliments about your playing at the church.  We're so glad that Mark Lapsevich passed your name along to us. 

I truly can't begin to thank you enough for all of your effort and work that you put into our day.  Everyone said that the service was just beautiful and your talented presence was such a huge part of that.  Mande and I have been overwhelmed with just how great the day went and are filled with such grace and thankfulness for all of the wonderful people in our lives that made it such a joyous day.  You are certainly one of the people we are so thankful to have been involved-- your care, concern and professionalism just made us feel so very special. 

You are the best, JT!  We hope that working with Brielle leads to all sorts of fabulous things!  We'll be sure to sing your praises and name to all we meet.

Best of luck to you and take great care of yourself!

Mande and Ray Luttner

from Skip Roberts Entertainment
I just wanted to thank you for selecting an amazing band for us! The guests were highly impressed and I heard MANY positive comments. They truly set the mood for our entire event and did a FANTASTIC job!
We look forward to having them back in the future.
Michael Levy
General Manager
Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport

John, you made our day extra special. 
We look forward to seeing you and hearing your amazing guitar music again in the future.  All the best to you. 
Debbie and Dave

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
We all love having you at the Haslam home. 
They were so excited about your performance!! 
We will certainly be calling again.
Hope you are having a great day! 
Thanks again.
Mary Ann

Hi John,
Our group enjoyed having you! I will pass the message along to Erin and the team at the Blair Center. Thank you for helping to make our event such a huge success.
Kaitlin Krister
Event Logistics Coordinator
Corporate Hospitality Operations

I know everytime I send you out to an event you are going to blow the guests
and clients away.
Your a true PRO.
Thanks JT.
Scott E. Jones President, Lead DJ Jerry Bruno Productions

Hi John - we'll definitely look to connecting with you again soon.  You were great and we had many wonderful comments on your work/fun/music.
 Regards, Ed.
Edward J. Tromczynski, Chief Executive Officer
COMS Interactive,

Hi John!
Thank you so much for taking the time in your busy schedule to come to the North Olmsted Library and give your jazz guitar presentation for the holidays. The music wasn’t too loud and it had a calming influence throughout the building. We loved it!
Have a great holiday,
Sandy Meczka

Thanks for doing a great job for Carleen.
SKip Roberts Entertainment

HI Skip,
Just wanted to thank you for referring John Toula to us! He was perfect for our event. I enjoyed him so much I called my son about using him for his wedding reception.  
Again.....thank you.

Well done JT. Well Done. As always!
Scott E. Jones
Jerry Bruno Productions

Dear Mr. Jones,
Our evening was a great success and we have your music to thank for starting out the party and making it very special. The guitar music was just perfect for the occasion and even above all the conversation it could be heard but not loud which was just right.
Thanks to John Toula !
Make sure he knows how much we appreciated his being with us.
Lois Sussen

Hi John, .
Thanks for everything!

Kristen Cavalieri
Event Coordinator
470 Fashion Avenue 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
P: 212-229-9280 | F: 212-229-9281

Thank you so much for playing our wedding !!!!
You and Michael did a fantastic job – we couldn’t be happier.
Have great day John and thanks again.
Robert & Marie

You were perfect for last night.
I'll call you again for another event.
Teri Piekarski
Shady Hollow CC

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