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Hello, and welcome to my website.

Please know that I truly appreciate your visit and I am honored that you have come.

You don't have to wipe your feet, but please .......
....... enter laughing.

After many years of good fortune within Northeast Ohio's music culture and its blessings of perfomance opportunity,
I made a conscious decision in the Spring of 1995, to be a dedicated "seeker" of the jazz/improvisational vocation.

As I began my adventure as an Improvisational Artist, my desire was for both my solo and various group performances to explore and honor the rich traditions of Jazz/Rock/and Pop offered us by the many artists who have graced us wth the gift of their art,
its form, and the tremendous spirit it encourages and creates.

I truly enjoy the daily effort of increasing my "in the moment" awareness within the continuing process of the quest for my musical and creative "voice".

Improvisation, for me, renders the most "spiritual" of all musical endeavors.  I believe that the music and spirit of its quest, allows and creates adventure in the chances each performance endures and lives for.
The existence of these risks, as with love, affords the opportunity for art that is willing to attempt a rejuvenating creative force on a per gig / per composition basis.

As a performer, this is both tremendously exhilarating and potentially unnerving. But isn't that threat to the human comfort level many times the catalyst to advancing art? 
My one musical wish is for my being and spirit to know progress within each moment of the performance's reach for it's horizon.

As a musician, I feel I am defined by my "tone" and sense of trying to aspire to be musically tasteful. 
As an artist, I hope my music aspires to be guided by
clarity of thought, and colored by the ability to explore passion.

Music, in all of its genres, is truly an entity of beauty, light, and life.

In trying to define life and its "music", my search has found that the universe is essentially energy and the information that guides that energy. 
Understanding this clarity of consciousness allows for the sum of what we might have to offer in our becoming ... which is simply ... LOVE and CREAVITY.
Really, ....... what else is there?

Thanks for listening.

Have the very BEST day of your most incredible life!


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