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I want to thank Bill Nichols (bass), Tom Konopka (drums/Percussion), and
John Stebal (drums), as well as, my beautiful wife, Karen (photographer) for their time and care in making these videos happen. 

The World of Music has taught and inspired me to pick good people.
                                Solo Guitar


  How Deep Is The Ocean 
  I Remember You
  I Never You Come To Me
  Marry Me  (Train)               

  There Will Never Be Another You        

   500 Miles High              


  Green Dolphin Street    

  Good King Wenceslas

  Christmas Time Is Here

                             JT2 (duo)      

  Guitar and Upright Bass (demo)  

  Guitar and Percussion  (Live @Gates Mills Library)
  Guitar and Percusion                                                                                     (Live @Gates Mills Library) 

  Guitar , Vocals, and Trumpet  (demo)

                                            JT3 (trio)   

    * * * 2016 JT3 Show  (demo format)  * * *     

   Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion (demo)     

   Guitar, Bass, Drums                  (Live @Legacy Village)

                                             Wedding Ceremony (Duo   and   Solo)

   JT Acoustic Guitar Wedding Ceremony (demo)

   Brielle & JT Wedding Ceremony Performance

   Marry Me  (Train)   
JT3 Jazz Trio
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